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June 2014 Archives

Potentially exploding airbags subject of latest recall

In our last post, we highlighted the recalls issued by Chrysler Corporation to address ignition switch issues similar to those found in General Motors’ vehicles. Auto recalls have been a recurring theme in 2014, with a number of automakers potentially recalling more vehicles this year than in 2013.

Chrysler cars now being recalled due to ignition switch issues

A number of recalls have been initiated by General Motors this year to correct a defect in the ignition switch found in millions of GM vehicles. Essentially, the ignition key could be jarred loose and potentially disable the vehicle. GM reported that it knew about several crashes and deaths attributable to the issue, but because of their apathy in remedying the issue, the company was subject to a $35 million fine.

The downside of Google's driver-less car

While the thought of getting into a car that has no steering wheel, gas pedal or brake may seem insane, the developers at Google believe that it makes perfect sense to eliminate these things. Of course, the car it is developing will be able to accelerate, stop and steer, but a human won’t be doing it. Instead, an elaborate guidance system would guide the car through the streets and past potential hazards.

Counterfeit airbags could be a problem in used cars

Much has been said about the ignition switch problems potentially affecting hundreds of thousands of vehicles manufactured by General Motors. One of the difficulties in abating these problems is that many of these vehicles are on the second hand market (i.e. used car lots) where recall notices would not reach owners of these cars.

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