Chrysler cars now being recalled due to ignition switch issues

A number of recalls have been initiated by General Motors this year to correct a defect in the ignition switch found in millions of GM vehicles. Essentially, the ignition key could be jarred loose and potentially disable the vehicle. GM reported that it knew about several crashes and deaths attributable to the issue, but because of their apathy in remedying the issue, the company was subject to a $35 million fine.

Since then, GM has recalled millions more vehicles in an attempt to avoid further issues with ignition switches.�

Now it is Chrysler that is under scrutiny for the same problem. According to a recent USA Today report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an investigation into the company after receiving complaints about vehicles stalling after the ignition key slips from “run” to “stop.” The Administration was also concerned about the potential for airbags failing to deploy in the event that a vehicle loses control and crashes due to a loss of power.

Because of this Chrysler announced that it will recall more than 1 million vehicles that could potentially have the problem.

Recalls are important for consumers and manufacturers alike. For automakers, recalls help in fulfilling a duty to keep consumers safe from hazards that can do them harm. If they fail to do so, and an accident occurs because of an uncorrected defect, the automaker could be held liable. For consumers, a recall (and the correct repairs) provides peace of mind in knowing that the vehicle they are driving is safe.

It remains to be seen whether the recall will be expanded.�

Source:�USA Today.com “NHTSA investigating Chrysler ignition switches,” Fred Maier, Jun 18, 2014

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