New technology allows drivers to

California residents may be familiar with emerging automotive technologies that promise to improve road safety such as self-driving cars and accident avoidance systems, and the electronics manufacturer Samsung has been active in this area. The Korean company has developed a truck safety system that could make passing a semi-tractor trailer less nerve-wracking for drivers, and it has tested the new technology on some of Argentina's dangerous two-lane roads. Samsung chose Argentina because of the number of drivers who are killed or injured each year while attempting to pass large trucks.

The technology makes passing a big rig less hazardous by displaying the road ahead on four large screens mounted on the trailer. Drivers are than able to essentially see through a semi and see the road ahead. The screens receive footage streamed from a wireless camera mounted at the front of the truck. Samsung engineers say that collisions during passing maneuvers are less likely to occur when motorists are better able to determine the traffic conditions ahead.

However, not all safety advocates are in favor of the new technology, and some claim that the distraction caused by four large screens mounted on the back of a truck could cause even more accidents. Samsung faces many regulatory hurdles before their innovative safety system can be approved for use in the united States.

Those injured in truck accidents often suffer catastrophic injuries, and they may pursue civil remedies when a distracted, fatigued or reckless truck driver was to blame. Trucking companies may also face civil sanctions when inadequate maintenance, poor training or lax supervision contribute to an accident. A lawsuit brought against a truck driver and the employer with the assistance of an attorney could seek compensation for the lost income, property damage and medical costs of accident victims.

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