Dangerous driving behavior in teens

Many teen drivers in California and across the nation tend to be dangerous. Some experts say teens have an aura of invincibility and a lack of understanding as to how risky the road can be. In years past, drunk driving was the biggest concern in regards to younger drivers. Drunk driving is still a problem; however, there are also other dangers cropping up. Texting and driving is also raising the stakes behind the wheel.

While only 10 percent of drivers in the United States are under the age of 21, an estimated 17 percent of all drunk driving crashes that end with a fatality involve drivers under 21. Approximately 2,000 teen drivers die every year from drinking and driving. Alcohol factors in for one out of every three crashes for people in this age range.

Texting and driving is also a problem, albeit a relatively new one. Teens might be under the impression that they can multitask while driving. In reality, texting and driving has passed drinking and driving as the main cause of teen fatalities in the U.S. More than 3,000 teens are killed annually due to texting and driving. It has been found that teens are 23 times as likely to be in a car accident when texting and driving.

Explaining to teens how they can be injured or killed in a car collision due to drinking or texting while driving has become par for the course. That, however, does not mean they will take the advice. Teens are notoriously vulnerable to personal injury from car accidents because of reckless behavior. When there is an accident caused by a negligent driver, victims affected may discuss their case with a legal professional to pursue compensation.

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