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August 2015 Archives

Fatigued driving in California

New technology is helping to reduce the number of accidents caused by driving while drowsy. According to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 25 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes involve people driving while fatigued, which can limit people's ability to respond to and prevent accidents in a manner that is similar to being intoxicated.

Educating owners does not prevent dog bites, study finds

It has been argued that the best way to prevent dog bites and dog attacks is to educate California owners about their canine friend's body language. However, researchers at the University of Liverpool have discovered that this type of education may not be all that effective.

Punitive damages and California dog bite cases

A court ruling in Pennsylvania may help plaintiffs obtain punitive damages in cases where they are attacked by a dog. In the case, the plaintiff claimed that he was bitten by a dog that had been involved in another attack a week earlier. In addition, the plaintiff alleged that others had complained to the defendant about potentially vicious tendencies that the dog displayed.

Limousine safety concerns rise after fatal car accident

Limousines are a common sight in California. The potential danger to passengers when riding in one have long been a concern, and a recent accident has exacerbated this worry. Four young women taking a tour of wineries on Long Island were killed when the limousine they were riding in was hit on its side as it made a U-turn. The vehicle that hit them is believed to have been operated by a drunk driver.

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