Fatigued driving in California

New technology is helping to reduce the number of accidents caused by driving while drowsy. According to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 25 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes involve people driving while fatigued, which can limit people's ability to respond to and prevent accidents in a manner that is similar to being intoxicated.

The good news is that a number of new vehicles are coming with systems that help people avoid accidents, and many of these systems are being used by trucking companies to help avoid crashes. One commonly used system is one that helps to avoid forward collisions. These systems will alert a driver of an obstacle in the vehicle's path, either using lights or sounds, and some will even brake automatically.

There are also systems that warn people when they are leaving their lane, and some systems are even able to determine if it appears that a driver is drowsy. When people start to steer less, which is usually an indication of fatigue, the vehicle senses this and alerts the driver.

Motorists who are involved in a car accident are likely to have to deal with a number of expenses related to the crash, such as having their vehicle repaired and renting a car to drive while their automobile is in the shop. People who are injured may have to pay medical bills and deal with lost wages due to not being able to work while they recover. If the accident was caused by a drowsy or otherwise negligent driver, a personal injury attorney could assist an injured victim in seeking compensation from the responsible party.

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