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October 2015 Archives

The dangers of running a red light

The vast majority of drivers in California and around the country feel that red light runners pose a serious threat to their safety according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the federal agency, 97 percent of drivers worry about other road users ignoring a red light, and a 1999 survey conducted by Old Dominion University found that about a third of respondents say that they knew somebody who was injured or killed in an accident involving a red light runner.

Odds of dying in a car accident

California motorists may be relieved to know that their state is not among the top 10 states when motor vehicle fatality rates are measured. However, California is also not among the 10 states in which it is least likely to perish in this manner. A recent study explored statistics for such fatalities on a national level, comparing them to other manners of death. The positive view for those concerned about incidents related to motor vehicles is that traffic deaths are on the decline.

Determining liability in accidents involving self-driving cars

Autonomous vehicles have long been a popular staple for science fiction writers, but they may soon become a presence on California roads. Some luxury cars are already available with semiautonomous driving systems, and several car makers and technology companies are developing vehicles that will require no input from the driver at all other than a destination address.

Brake and hours violations take trucks off the road

Nearly 10,000 trucks were put out of service for violations during a June 2015 inspection conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. California trucking companies and truck drivers are required to adhere to national safety standards. Brake and hours violations were two leading issues that took trucks out of commission. Brake adjustment issues accounted for 15.5 percent of the trucks inspected being put out of service.

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