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January 2016 Archives

Volvo hopes to eliminate all fatalities in their cars by 2020

California residents may take innovative safety features like seat belts and airbags for granted. Volvo plans to incorporate these features and others into a 'death-proof" car model by 2020. These safety features include a series of sensors and radar technology to monitor road and traffic conditions and to control vehicles when danger is sensed using anti-lock braking, traction-control and stability-control systems. The Swedish company has an impressive automotive safety track record, and the carmaker says that it aims to eliminate all fatalities in their cars and SUVs by 2020.

The NTSB's top safety concerns for 2016

Many car accidents that take place on roads in California are caused by driver fatigue. On Jan. 13, the National Transportation Safety Board announced that driver fatigue was among its top 10 transportation safety concerns. The NTSB revealed its 'most wanted" list of transportation safety improvements at the annual Transportation Research Board meeting.

Driving in snowy weather in California

Although Murrieta often does not get snow during the winter, drivers should still be aware just how dangerous driving in different types of snowy weather can be, especially if a rare snowstorm does hit the area. Meteorologists actually note that the roads are more dangerous when the snow is light as opposed to when a blizzard is blowing through.

Keyless ignition to blame in multiple deaths

People in California who own a car with a keyless ignition may be interested to learn that a number of deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning have been associated with the technology. Class action lawsuits are in progress that allege that having an automatic shutoff for safety would have been simple and inexpensive and that manufacturers knew or should have realized the potential danger.

Autonomous cars involved in accidents caused by human drivers

Although it may still be a rare sight, driverless cars can be increasingly found on California roadways. As more vehicles are taking to the roads, however, a glitch in their programming has caused them to have a crash rate that is double the crash rate involving human drivers.

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