Driving in snowy weather in California

Although Murrieta often does not get snow during the winter, drivers should still be aware just how dangerous driving in different types of snowy weather can be, especially if a rare snowstorm does hit the area. Meteorologists actually note that the roads are more dangerous when the snow is light as opposed to when a blizzard is blowing through.

Experts note that there are several reasons why this may be. Blizzards and snowstorms often result in reduced visibility on the roads so more drivers may avoid being out when the storm is expected to hit. This means that there are less drivers on the road to hit and that those who are driving are moving more slowly, especially if the visibility is low. When the snowfall is light or gentle, drivers may continue to drive at normal speeds as they often do not perceive the danger.

Another reason that light snowfall may be more dangerous for drivers is that their brain may not adapt as fast to road condition changes that are more subtle. Drivers may notice that snow is falling, but the brain may not process this to mean that the roads are more slick as a result. Heated cabins, seats and audio may also prevent the driver's brains from adapting as fast.

When snow does suddenly begin to fall, drivers are more at risk for becoming involved in weather-related accidents as the roads become more slick and the vehicles begin to slide. If a car slides into another car and those involved in the crash become injured in the vehicle collision, they may potentially have the option to seek compensation for any damages that were sustained if it can be demonstrated that negligent driving was the cause. A personal injury attorney can often show that a motorist was driving too fast for the prevailing road and weather conditions by using the police investigation report, eyewitness testimony and other evidence.

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