The NTSB's top safety concerns for 2016

Many car accidents that take place on roads in California are caused by driver fatigue. On Jan. 13, the National Transportation Safety Board announced that driver fatigue was among its top 10 transportation safety concerns. The NTSB revealed its 'most wanted" list of transportation safety improvements at the annual Transportation Research Board meeting.

At the meeting, NTSB representatives spoke about the need to reduce driver fatigue as well as substance impairment. Some issues that were brought up at last year's Transportation Research Board meeting were addressed again at the 2016 meeting. Those safety issues included the use of distracting devices by drivers, loss of control during flights and medical fitness of commercial drivers.

One of the new issues addressed by the NTSB in 2016 was the use of collision-avoidance technologies for vehicles being driven on the highway. The NTSB recommended that the vehicle safety technologies should be promoted and made more readily available. Another new safety issue that was addressed by the NTSB was the improvement of rail safety oversight. The NTSB also recommended the completion of rail safety initiatives. After the meeting, the president of the National Safety Council said that she was happy the NTSB had addressed distracted driving, impaired driving and collision-avoidance technologies.

When a car accident is caused by fatigued, impaired or distracted drivers, others who have been harmed as a result may want to meet with a personal injury attorney in order to determine the options that they have for seeking compensation. One possibility would be a lawsuit filed against the at-fault motorist that would seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other losses that have been incurred.

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