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May 2016 Archives

Ford named in wrongful death suit involving limo fire

Litigation continues in the aftermath of a deadly limousine fire that killed five women on the San Mateo Bridge in California in 2013. Although other victims and family members have settled out of court, a lawsuit filed by the husband of a 43-year-old woman who died in the accident claims that Ford Motor Co. knew about the vehicle's potentially deadly defect.

Self-driving cars and auto insurance

Many California residents have seen one of Google's self-driving cars being tested. Autonomous cars like the one being developed by Google are often advertised as the solution to car accidents. According to the president of Volvo, the many autonomous safety features on the Swedish company's cars could make fatal crashes a thing of the past. Volvo is hoping to make an accident-proof car by 2020.

More truck injury accidents but fewer fatal accidents in 2014

The federal government compiles statistics about every truck accident in California and the United States, releasing a report called the 'Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts" through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration every year. A study of the changes in truck accident statistics from 2013 to 2014 has identified an unusual statistical pattern. The number of fatal accidents declined substantially from the first year to the next. However, the number of truck accidents that caused non-fatal injuries increased dramatically over the same period of time.

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