Social media, games and more distract drivers

California motorists are not permitted to text while driving, and drivers throughout the country are increasingly aware of the dangers of that behavior. However, there are many other equally dangerous distractions including Snapchat and Pokemon Go, and it is likely there will continue to be similar ones in the future.

A survey of around 2,500 teen drivers around the country found that almost 70 percent said they used apps while driving. Furthermore, the students did not seem to fully recognize the dangers of social media with only 6 percent saying looking at or posting to social media was the most dangerous activity to engage in behind the wheel. Teens named drunk driving and sending text messages as the most dangerous behaviors.

The National Safety Council surveyed 2,400 drivers of all ages and found that around one-third of users said they would use sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram while driving and nearly three-fourths said they would use Facebook. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that distracted driving results in eight deaths and 1,000 injuries daily. It also says that about 25 percent of those accidents connected to distracted driving involve the use of cellphones. Distracted driving may also include activities such as eating. Experts say that these dangers are underreported.

Unfortunately, this lack of awareness means that serious and even fatal accidents may occur. Catastrophic injuries can be life-changing. A person might spend months or years in rehabilitation or may be permanently disabled. Furthermore, insurance companies often do not offer enough compensation to cover medical expenses. In some cases, the severity of those injuries might not be readily apparent. Therefore, a person who is injured in a motor vehicle accident might want to consult an attorney in case it is necessary to file a civil lawsuit against the person or parties responsible.

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