How can animal bites be prevented?

Pet owners in California often face large expenses when injuries result from their animals attacking people. According to the department of public health, $20.3 million in liabilities resulted from 527 California homeowners' insurance claims relating to animal bites in 2011. An animal owner bears responsibility for an animal bite no matter where the attack takes place. Because of the potential for high medical fees, everyone in a community should take steps to limit these injuries.

Dog owners represent the first line of defense against animal bites. The law obligates them to keep animals secure on their properties. Escape should not be possible. Additionally, members of the public should not be able to enter areas where an animal is kept.

Children require extra supervision during animal interactions. Very young children should be prevented from interacting with dogs. In addition, parents should teach older children not to approach strange dogs and to take care when playing with dogs known to them.

When an animal harms a person, a personal injury claim against the animal's owner might result in the recovery of financial damages. Someone who wants to know more about this process could consult an attorney. Local ordinances regarding certain breeds deemed dangerous by the community might be cited by the attorney when writing the lawsuit. Issues such as the status of a dog's license and the condition of fences and other restraints could also be checked by the lawyer. After assembling the information and filing court papers, the attorney could launch negotiations for a settlement or take the case to trial.

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