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November 2016 Archives

The deadliest time of the year for roadway travelers

Motorists in California and across the country may enjoy a safer holiday season if they remain mindful that Thanksgiving traditionally marks the beginning of the most dangerous time of the year on the nation's roadways. According to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System, more fatal motor vehicle accidents occurred on Thanksgiving in 2012 than on any other holiday that year. The research suggests that a number of the reported incidents may have been preventable.

Recreational pot and truck drivers

The November 2016 elections saw California residents vote to legalize the use of recreational marijuana by adults 21 and over. Three other states passed similar laws, but drivers in every state should note that federal trucking regulations regarding impairment were not affected by the vote. Driving under the influence of any recreational drug is still illegal, a fact that professional truck drivers should remain aware of, experts caution.

FMCSA extends exemption to hours-of-service rule

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration places strict cutoffs for the amount of hours at a time commercial truck drivers can spend driving. The goal of these regulations is to protect road users in California and around the country from accidents caused by fatigued individuals who are in control of vehicles weighing 40 tons or more. The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association advocates on behalf of companies that transport oversize and heavy objects like huge industrial machines or construction equipment, and they recently asked the FMCSA to grant two exemptions to their hours-of-service rules.

The danger of keeping dogs around young kids

In California and around the country, parents are starting to worry about the dangers dogs may present to their children. These pets are a major part of the lives of many families. However, many parents are facing the reality that their dog could physically harm their children or other kids. In fact, statistics show that more than 50,000 children 6 and under suffered injuries from dogs in 2014 alone.

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