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December 2016 Archives

New bill would raise age of driving restrictions

Minors in California may soon have restrictions placed on their drivers' licenses until they reach age 21 if a bill is passed. The bill, AB 63, was introduced into the state's legislature on Dec. 14. It would raise the age at which drivers must have provisional licenses from 18 to 21.

CVSA announce 2016 Operation Safe Driver Week results

For the past several years, law enforcement agencies in California and around the country have taken part in a week-long initiative known as Operation Safe Driver Week. The goal of the initiative, which the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have been organizing since 2007, is to reduce the number of accidents involving commercial vehicles, and the results of the 2016 effort were announced by the CVSA in a Dec. 7 press release.

Snapchat speed filter reportedly linked to deadly collisions

Distracted driving poses a huge safety risk for drivers across California and throughout the U.S. From cellphone use to eating and even talking to other passengers, there are myriad reasons that people can become distracted when behind the wheel. As technology advances, even more potential distractions and driving hazards are cropping up, often in the form of apps and gadgets. As an example, Snapchat's speed filter has come under scrutiny as a potentially dangerous driving tool.

Why California drivers need adequate sleep

According to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the odds of a car crash double for drivers who sleep five or six hours per 24-hour period as opposed to those who get seven or more. Those who sleep only four or five hours per 24-hour period are four times more likely to get in a crash, and that is similar to the crash rates of drunk drivers.

California drivers and autonomous trucking technology

California truck drivers may benefit from autonomous trucking technology in the future, but there are still some obstacles to overcome before widespread adoption can take place. State-based restrictions on autonomous driving technology may interfere with its national adoption since truckers utilize interstate highways. Individual state legislation could prevent truckers from delivering goods across state lines once AT technology becomes commercialized. This could jeopardize a company's ability to send goods across the country.

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