New bill would raise age of driving restrictions

Minors in California may soon have restrictions placed on their drivers' licenses until they reach age 21 if a bill is passed. The bill, AB 63, was introduced into the state's legislature on Dec. 14. It would raise the age at which drivers must have provisional licenses from 18 to 21.

Current restrictions on drivers who are between the ages of 16 and 18 include provisional licenses that are issued after they have completed drivers' education programs, had their learners' permits for a minimum of six months and have passed the driving test that is given through the Department of Motor Vehicles. They are also prohibited from driving between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m and may not transport passengers who are under the age of 20.

The restrictions go away after one year or when the drivers reach age 18. If AB 63 passes, the restrictions will continue until the drivers reach age 21 before they automatically go away. The Governors Highway Safety Association has found that older teenagers are twice as likely to be involved in fatal accidents between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m.

Because of their relative inexperience, younger drivers are likelier to cause motor vehicle collisions than are older ones. People who are injured in accidents that are caused by at-fault minors may want to consult with personal injury attorneys about receiving compensation for their injuries. An experienced attorney may be able to identify all of the potential recovery sources and work to recover the maximum amount of compensation for such a client.

Source: Record-Bee Community News, "Bill could raise age of restrictions on new California drivers," Aaron Davis, Dec. 15, 2016

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