Snapchat speed filter reportedly linked to deadly collisions

Distracted driving poses a huge safety risk for drivers across California and throughout the U.S. From cellphone use to eating and even talking to other passengers, there are myriad reasons that people can become distracted when behind the wheel. As technology advances, even more potential distractions and driving hazards are cropping up, often in the form of apps and gadgets. As an example, Snapchat's speed filter has come under scrutiny as a potentially dangerous driving tool.

Snapchat is a video and image-sharing app that is popular with teens and young adults. Its speed filter is a tool that measures and records a vehicle's acceleration and speed in real time. While representatives of the company say that the filter should not be used by individuals who are operating a vehicle, the app has reportedly been linked to at least two deadly car accidents.

Reports indicate that some individuals using the Snapchat speed filter have recorded speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. According to news sources, drivers using the filter have been involved in major collisions. One of the reported accidents was a head-on collision that resulted in the deaths of five individuals, including two children. The incidents have prompted activists to speak out against the Snapchat speed filter, which they believe has no real purpose other than promoting reckless driving. Snapchat, however, believes that the app's integrated warning messages are a sufficient deterrent of dangerous driving habits.

Roadway accidents that occur at high speeds can result in serious injuries to people who are involved in the collision. A personal injury attorney could assist a victim in seeking compensation for the resulting losses through a lawsuit filed against the at-fault driver.

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