Driving behaviors of millenials

According to a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, millennials in California and the rest of the country have the worst driving habits when compared to other age groups. The survey found that 88 percent of drivers aged 19 to 24 years of age admitted to taking part in dangerous driving behavior at some time during the previous 30 days. The behaviors included running red lights, speeding and texting while driving.

The survey that was conducted from Aug. 25 through Sept. 6, 2016 and had responses from 2,511 drivers produced a number of revelations. Based on their own admissions, millennials tend to read or send an email or text at nearly twice the rate as other drivers. Almost half millennials reported ignoring a red light when they could have safely stopped, while only 36 percent of the rest of drivers admitted to doing so. Almost 12 percent of millennials, a rate that is more than double that of other drivers, stated that driving 10 miles per hour over a school zone speed limit was acceptable.

Additional findings from the survey include the report that many motorists tend to engage in the very driving behaviors that they believe are improper. For example, almost 80 percent of motorists stated that drowsing driving should not be tolerated, yet 28.9 percent admitted doing so at some point within the previous month. Also, 78.2 percent of drivers disapproved of reading an email or text, but 40.2 percent admitted to engaging in the behavior.

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