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March 2017 Archives

Legal issues in accidents where cars failed to brake

Distracted driving accidents are becoming a serious problem in California and motorists staring at cellphone screens are now a familiar sight on the nation's roads. Police officers may suspect distraction when motorists failed to apply their brakes prior to crashing into the vehicle in front of them, but this type of accident can also be caused by inadequate maintenance, a defective part or a mechanical failure.

CVSA announces 2017 International Roadcheck safety campaign

Truck safety enforcement efforts in California and around the country will be stepped up for 72 hours beginning on June 6. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced on March 10 that the yearly International Roadcheck safety blitz would take place between June 6 and June 8, and trade journals revealed on March 13 that the nonprofit group has decided to make cargo safety the focus of this year's initiative. More than 9,000 commercial trucks were inspected during the International Roadcheck campaign in 2016.

Drivers cited during pedestrian operation

In an effort to combat vehicle accidents involving pedestrians in California, motorcycle officers with the Los Angeles Police Department conducted a pedestrian crosswalk safety and enforcement operation on March 9, 2017 in the Encino area. With one marked and one unmarked crosswalk, 45 drivers were ticketed within 90 minutes of the operation. The majority of the citations that were issued were warnings to educate the drivers.

Self-driving cars could radically change auto insurance

Self-driving cars and trucks promise to make the roads in California and around the country safer in the years ahead, and autonomous vehicle technology is also poised to change the way automobile accident claims are handled according to industry experts. Car accident lawsuits today are generally filed against negligent drivers or their auto insurance companies, but injured road users in the future may be more likely to sue software developers or driverless car builders.

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