CVSA announces 2017 International Roadcheck safety campaign

Truck safety enforcement efforts in California and around the country will be stepped up for 72 hours beginning on June 6. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced on March 10 that the yearly International Roadcheck safety blitz would take place between June 6 and June 8, and trade journals revealed on March 13 that the nonprofit group has decided to make cargo safety the focus of this year's initiative. More than 9,000 commercial trucks were inspected during the International Roadcheck campaign in 2016.

According to media reports, most of the tractor-trailers pulled over during the upcoming International Roadcheck campaign will be subjected to comprehensive North American Standard Level I inspections. In 2016, 67 percent of the trucks pulled over were given Level I inspections. While tire safety was the focus a year ago, inspectors will be concentrating on cargo securement this year.

Inspectors ordered 21.5 percent of the commercial trucks they inspected in 2016 off the road, but the CVSA says that the annual International Roadcheck effort is as much about education and compliance as it is about enforcement. Truck drivers who hope to avoid citations may wish to check cargo tie downs for wear or damage and ensure that their loads are well secured.

Experienced personal injury attorneys often initiate litigation against reckless truck drivers when negligent behavior such as drunk, distracted or drowsy driving has caused their clients to suffer injury, loss or damage, but truck accident lawsuits may also be filed against companies that own, maintain or operate commercial vehicles. Such companies could be sued if accidents were caused by inadequately maintained vehicles, improperly secured cargo or untrained or poorly trained drivers, and attorneys may study the violations handed out during enforcement efforts like International Roadcheck when preparing these lawsuits.

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