Effectiveness of crash avoidance systems

California residents might like to know about an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study that looked at collision avoidance systems. Researchers studied vehicles that had lane departure warning systems and blind spot alerts. They also examined accident data for more than 5,000 accidents in 2015. They focused on accidents that the warning systems were made to protect against.

Collision avoidance technology reduces the amount of injury crashes by 21 percent. Sideswipes and head-on collisions in single-vehicle accidents were 11 percent lower in vehicles with the safety technology. The IIHS estimates more than 55,000 injuries could have been prevented if more passenger vehicles had lane departure warning systems.

Warning systems can prevent dangerous accidents by alerting a driver and allowing this motorist to take steps to avoid a crash. When added to data from other studies, the IIHS believes that lane departure warning technology lowers accident rates by about 50 percent.

There are some problems with crash detection technology. First, drivers sometimes turn these systems off, which might occur because beeping alerts annoy drivers. The other problem is implementation. In 2015, there were around 6 million automobile accidents. However, less than 10 percent of 2017 vehicles offer blind spot alerts and lane departure warning systems as standard safety equipment. Around 57 percent of vehicles do offer this technology, but it is packaged with other features and may cost several thousand dollars.

It may take a while for additional safety features to be included in all vehicles, and many preventable accidents will likely occur in the meantime. When these crashes occur, injured victims may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses with the help of an attorney. One could file a personal injury claim to recover damages. A motorist may be liable when a crash was caused because this person was speeding, texting and driving or behaving in another careless way.

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