New device combats drowsy driving with shock

California residents might not know that drowsy driving kills up to 6,000 people every year. Though fatigued driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving, not as much focus is given to this topic. One group thinks they have found a way to prevent drowsy driving.

A Kickstarter campaign has seen early success when it comes to creating a wearable device that shocks drivers who start to doze off. The device is called Steer and was created by a group called Creative Mode. Steer utilizes biometric sensors that measure sweat secretion and heart rate. If either indicator differs too much from a baseline reading, Steer vibrates around a driver's wrist. If readings continue to shift, the device delivers a shock next.

The shock and vibration are meant to alert a driver without causing too much distraction or annoyance. The low amperage shock is not painful or harmful and should increase cortisol, serotonin and other hormones that promote wakefulness. This is intended to give motorists enough time to find a spot to pull over and rest. Steer is priced at $130 on Kickstarter but could cost as much as $230.

If a car accident occurs, an injured person may wish to seek compensation from the responsible party or parties. Personal injury suits are viable when a preventable accident takes place because of the negligence of someone else. Drowsy driving and drunk driving are two examples of negligence that could allow a plaintiff to successfully argue for damages. One may need compensation for medical expenses, property damage and time off work. A defendant, however, could argue that a plaintiff is at least partially responsible, which may lower the amount one receives. In order to recover a suitable amount, one might wish to consult an attorney.

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