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September 2017 Archives

Tips for night driving

Statistics have shown that the rate of traffic fatalities are three times as great at night than during the day. Many California motorists have realized that their confidence in driving is not as strong after the sun has gone down. There are a few reasons for this.

Drivers send mixed signals in distracted driving study

California has some of the strictest distracted driving laws in the country, and the results of a recent study conducted by Progressive Insurance suggest that most drivers in the Golden State support these measures. An overwhelming 97 percent of the women and 88 of the men who responded to the insurance company's online poll said that they supported tough distracted driving laws, and 65 percent cited cellphone use behind the wheel as the leading cause of car accidents.

Wheel spikes and liability in California

Hawaii is one of the states to take the lead on legislation that aims to eliminate "dangerous wheels" such as wheels with wheel spikes. The statute prohibits any cap, wheel cover, or wheel decoration that extends at least four inches beyond the portion of the wheel rim that extends away from the vehicle.

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