Road hazards that commonly occur in the fall

While many California residents love fall for the cooler weather, holidays and sweaters, the fall season can be particularly dangerous for drivers. Due to the changing weather conditions, the roads can become more hazardous, potentially resulting in serious car accidents.

During the first few weeks of fall, rain can create major road hazards as the water often sits on top of dust and oil that has not yet had a chance to wash away. This makes the pavement slippery and slick. Puddles of water can also potentially cause hydroplaning if a person is driving too fast. Leaves and other foliage debris on the road also soak up the water and become slick. Further, the foliage debris can hide potholes and other hazards that could cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.

As the temperature drops, fog and frost in the mornings can reduce a driver's visibility. Some drivers attempt to improve visibility by turning their high beams on. However, this can actually make visibility even worse as the fog catches the light and bounces it back at the driver. Likewise, frost can cover windshields and make certain areas on the road slick and slippery.

When the road conditions are not optimal, it is best if drivers pay extra attention to the roads and slow down. However, there are many drivers who continue to speed, drive while they are distracted with the kids or text on their phone. If a driver is driving too fast for the road conditions and causes an auto accident, a personal injury attorney could assist an injured victim in seeking compensation, either via a settlement with the at-fault motorist's insurance company or through a lawsuit.

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