Tips for night driving

Statistics have shown that the rate of traffic fatalities are three times as great at night than during the day. Many California motorists have realized that their confidence in driving is not as strong after the sun has gone down. There are a few reasons for this.

At night, it becomes much harder to see other vehicles, pedestrians, stop signs, bicyclists, and animals. It is also more difficult to ascertain distances between vehicles. For many drivers who have night blindness, the problem is exacerbated. In addition, many older people find that their vision has gotten worse as they have aged. The National Safety Council has noted that drivers who are 50 years of age might need double the amount of light to see as well as people who are 20 years younger.

Other problems that are associated with night driving include construction. A great deal of roadwork is done at night, and it might be difficult for some drivers to see construction zones. Nighttime also brings an increase in motorists who have had too much to drink. The NSC states that the worst part of the week for fatal traffic accidents are weekend nights, due in part to that reason.

There are a variety of ways that motorists can reduce the risks of driving after dark. They should drive a bit more slowly and leave more space between them and the vehicles that they are trailing. People who feel that they have night blindness might want to see an eye doctor. Drivers should pay extra attention to their surroundings and avoid distractions like using a cellphone.

Despite all precautions, accidents will and do happen. People who have been injured in a collision caused by an inattentive driver might want to have legal assistance when seeking compensation for their losses.

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