Wheel spikes and liability in California

Hawaii is one of the states to take the lead on legislation that aims to eliminate "dangerous wheels" such as wheels with wheel spikes. The statute prohibits any cap, wheel cover, or wheel decoration that extends at least four inches beyond the portion of the wheel rim that extends away from the vehicle.

It's not just local governments that seek to eliminate dangerous wheel decorations, but it's also trucking companies. Many have banned them because they project an image of aggressive to operators of other vehicles. The companies implementing this prohibition want to foster an image that their drivers operate their vehicles safely and in a reasonable manner. Wheel spikes are counter to this image, and the spikes could create a negative image for the company.

Nearly half of the bicyclists and one-quarter of pedestrians who get killed by a large truck make side impact first. Wheels spikes could likely increase the chances of death when an accident with a large truck occurs. They not only create a negative impression for other drivers, but they might also indicate the driver operating the vehicle does approach the road more aggressively. Some wheel spikes are plastic, but many are made of aluminum or metal, and this could increase the chances of a car accident if the spikes come into contact with other cars.

Big rig crashes can cause catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries to occupants of other vehicles as well as to bicyclists and pedestrians. People who have been harmed in one that was caused by the negligence of the trucker or company might want to discuss their situations with a personal injury attorney.

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