Safe driving practices with large trucks

Because of the size and weight of large trucks like 18-wheelers, drivers of passenger vehicles in California have to be extra cautious when they are sharing the road with trucks. Knowing what to do near big rigs can help prevent motor vehicle accidents.

Many drivers may want to avoid driving with large trucks in front of them. However, it is important that they practice patience and be fully aware of the conditions on the road. They should ignore the urge to accelerate to cut off a large truck that is attempting to move into their lane. Large vehicles are not able to slow down and stop as quickly as passenger vehicles, and if they are abruptly cut off, an accident could occur.

When drivers are attempting to bypass a large truck, they should make sure to provide the trucks with more space than they would afford passenger vehicles. After drivers have passed the rig, they should not return to the rig's lane until they are able to view the front of the truck in their rearview mirror. Again, the focus should be avoiding situations, such as a truck having to suddenly brake, that could cause an accident.

It should never be assumed that the drivers of large trucks are able to see other vehicles in their mirrors. When it is necessary to make a right turn, truck drivers may have to swing left widely right before the turn. It would be unsafe to attempt to drive right next to the truck or directly behind it.

People who sustain injuries in a truck accident might wish to speak with a personal injury attorney. The attorney may examine the factors of the accident and seek financial damages for a client due to truck company negligence, reckless driving or poor vehicle maintenance.

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