Common delayed car crash injury symptoms

Getting into a car accident is often a traumatic event. This is true even if it appears no one was injured in the crash. For example, mental anguish can afflict people who were not physically injured in an accident. Further, some physical injuries can take hours or days to show any symptoms, catching a California car crash victim off guard.

According to medical experts, there are several common symptoms people should look for after a car accident, including headaches. Headaches can indicate a neck injury or a concussion. They could even be a warning sign of a brain bleed. People should also look out for neck or shoulder pain after a crash, which can be a sign of whiplash. Another common delayed symptom is back pain, which could mean the accident caused damage to a person's back muscles, ligaments, nerves or vertebrae.

Car crash victims should also be on the lookout for abdominal pain or swelling, which could indicate internal bleeding, and numbness in the extremities, which could be a sign of neck or spinal damage. Finally, changes in a victim's personality or physical functions could be the signs of a traumatic brain injury. According to medical experts, people should always be evaluated by a medical professional following a car accident. If delayed symptoms occur, victims should seek care from a doctor experienced in car crash injuries.

Car accidents can cause a variety of debilitating injuries. Someone who is injured in a car crash caused by another party may have grounds to sue the at-fault driver for damages, including medical expenses and lost wages. Car crash victims could begin the legal process by contacting a personal injury attorney.

Source: KTAR, "7 delayed injury symptoms after a car crash", Dr. Alex Bigham, Jan. 7, 2018

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