Startup aims to combat trucker fatigue

Drivers in California aren't the only ones who get anxious around commercial trucks. Over the course of an eight-day workweek, the average trucker puts in about 70 hours, and the resulting fatigue puts them at a higher risk for an accident. Fatigued driving accounts for an estimated 100,000 truck crashes every year. However, a startup founded three years ago in Oklahoma may soon develop software that will help reduce this number and, along with it, the apprehension that other motorists feel around large trucks.

The company is called BlyncSync, and as its name suggests, it has a strong focus on creating a device that measures blink rate among truckers. The device, which is a smart safety glass, is being touted as less intrusive than the in-cab camera systems that are currently in use. Other devices that the company is developing include watches, bands and smart hard hats that capture important biometric data.

The CEO and co-founders of BlyncSync have spoken with over 150 people in the trucking industry as a part of market validation. They have also held discussions with insurance companies about their safety platform. The nonprofit i2E is currently helping them with the creation of a scalable business plan. Ultimately, BlyncSync's goal is to encourage truckers to be better drivers and to also improve relations between truckers and dispatchers.

Sometimes, trucking company negligence is to blame for accidents. Companies can, for example, encourage their drivers to violate hours-of-service regulations in order to meet deadlines. If such negligence leads to an accident, the victim may file a claim for damages. A lawyer could potentially negotiate for a settlement or litigate.

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