Brake Safety Week plans full Level I inspections for trucks

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has planned a week-long brake inspection spree for Sept. 16-22. Commercial vehicle operators in California can expect full Level I inspections of their braking systems. The nationwide safety event aims to identify unsafe vehicles and educate all operators about the compliance standards for their brakes.

Last year, the alliance ran a one-day brake inspection spree. That event resulted in inspectors taking 14 percent of inspected vehicles out of service. A news release from the CVSA emphasized the public safety hazards posed by malfunctioning or poorly maintained truck or bus brakes.

Level I inspections, which are the most thorough kind, involve examining every component of braking systems. Inspectors will look for loose or missing parts, fluid leaks in air and hydraulic lines and defective rotor conditions. Other issues that they will watch out for include worn pads, drums or rotors and maladjusted brakes. Problems like mismatched air chamber sizes across axles, worn linings, failing brake-system warning devices and air reservoir integrity will also come under their scrutiny.

As safety events like these show, some commercial vehicles on the road lack adequate brake maintenance. A tractor-trailer crash that results from insufficient maintenance could constitute negligence. A victim of such an accident might experience serious injuries. However, an attorney could prepare a personal injury claim to pursue compensation on behalf of the victim. This service could significantly help someone impaired by serious or disabling injuries. An accident attorney might possess an understanding of tactics used by trucking companies and their insurers to limit settlements.

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