Study reveals states where truck drivers are safest

California residents who drive commercial trucks for a living may be wondering which states are the safest for them and which are the most dangerous. Verizon Connect, a fleet management systems provider, has studied this very question. It analyzed the behavior of drivers from more than 6,200 of its fleet customers, including small and mid-size businesses with 2 to 200 light vans, pick-ups and big rigs, between October 2015 and September 2017.

From this, Verizon Connect found that the safest states are on the East Coast, with Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New York forming the top five. This is despite well-known traffic problems down Interstate 95 and elsewhere. Vermont also had the least number of drivers with "lead foot." On the other hand, the most dangerous states were in the Midwest and the South: Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kentucky and Mississippi.

Not all accidents are caused by unsafe truck drivers, though. Teletrac Navman, another fleet management systems provider, held a month-long contest welcoming feedback from truckers with safety concerns. The most cited concern was that other drivers cut off truckers and leave them little space for braking. They also expressed their concern over drivers speeding, especially past disabled trucks; failing to signal turns, and creeping behind trucks when they ought to pass quickly.

As for other concerns, such as drowsy driving, these can affect truckers more than other drivers. If this or another form of negligence causes a commercial truck accident, the victim could see a lawyer about filing a claim. If the claim is viable, the lawyer might proceed to build it up with the help of investigators, photographers and other experts. The lawyer may be able to negotiate for an informal settlement covering losses like vehicle repair costs, medical bills and lost income. If negotiations fall through, the victim might opt to litigate.

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