Study shows distracted driving common to all generations

Drivers in California may be surprised by the results of a distracted driving study that was conducted by Volvo and the Harris Poll. The study, which involved 2,000 participants of varying ages, found that distracted driving is common among all generations. Approximately 81 percent of millennials and Gen Xers admitted to phone use behind wheel, followed by 71 percent of Gen Xers, 64 percent of baby boomers and 50 percent of the Silent Generation.

Texting was the most common action that distracted drivers engaged in: 60 percent admitted to it. About 35 percent admitted to reading emails, 25 percent to surfing the web and 20 percent to posting on social media. At the same time, participants across the board expressed their belief that other drivers were engaging in more distracting behavior than they were. For instance, they believed that 90 percent of other drivers text and send emails while driving.

More than half of participants recognized their need to refocus when behind the wheel. About 33 percent said they drive in silence in order to do so while 32 percent said they put their phone on "do not disturb" mode. Approximately 19 percent use noise-canceling headphones, and 13 percent simply keep away from digital devices. Other than phones, participants counted other passengers, the GPS and the radio among the most common distractions.

Distracted driving is a form of negligence, so when it's the cause of an auto accident, it can give victims the right to file a personal injury claim. If the victim contributed to the accident, this will lower the damages they're eligible for without making the claim void. To work for the maximum settlement, victims may wish to hire a lawyer. A lawyer may be beneficial during the negotiation phase and assist with litigation if a settlement cannot be reached out of court.

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