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The importance of timely cat bite treatment

California residents or anyone else who has been bitten by a cat should be seen by a medical professional. This is because roughly 50 percent of cat bites can be infected, which can lead to serious negative health consequences. In addition to a skin infection, it is also possible for the bone to become infected if the wound is deep enough. Sepsis can also take place, and extreme measures may need to be taken to prevent it from spreading.

Car accident injuries are not always immediately diagnosed

Thousands of California residents are hurt in motor vehicle accidents every year, but the severity of their injuries is not always immediately apparent even to highly trained emergency services workers with years of experience. Minor symptoms that linger for days or weeks could be a sign of a far more serious medical condition, and vivid flashbacks and trouble sleeping may be signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Even California's sunny weather can be dangerous for drivers

California is known for its beautiful weather, but days of endless sunshine can sometimes be as dangerous for drivers as driving in sleet or snow. The sudden glare of direct sunlight can temporarily blind motorists as they round a bend or emerge from a shaded section of highway. This danger is particularly pronounced in the morning or afternoon when the sun is rising or setting. However, drivers who take a few basic precautions can greatly reduce their chances of being involved in a collision caused by glare or bright light.

Drivers everywhere need to heed the dangers of distracted driving

In California, between 14 and 16 percent of the time drivers spend behind the wheel they are still using their cell phones to access apps, text, or talk. The average time spent across the country is about 17 percent. Most states have now banned texting, but some, including California, banned any use of handheld electronic devices while driving.