Even California's sunny weather can be dangerous for drivers

California is known for its beautiful weather, but days of endless sunshine can sometimes be as dangerous for drivers as driving in sleet or snow. The sudden glare of direct sunlight can temporarily blind motorists as they round a bend or emerge from a shaded section of highway. This danger is particularly pronounced in the morning or afternoon when the sun is rising or setting. However, drivers who take a few basic precautions can greatly reduce their chances of being involved in a collision caused by glare or bright light.

Wearing sunglasses in sunny weather reduces the likelihood of an accident and protects the eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays. Sun visors, which are fitted to just about all passenger and commercial vehicles sold in the United States, provide additional protection against bright sunlight when sunglasses are not enough. Most visors can also be rotated to provide side protection when sunlight is streaming through car or truck windows.

Applying window tint is another way to reduce glare, but reputable vendors should be used as there are a number of state regulations that stipulate which windows can be tinted and how dark the tint can be. When the sun is rising or setting, experts advise drivers to be cognizant of the dangers and allow other road users more space. They should also pull over as soon as it is safe to do so if their vision becomes impaired because of glare.

Motorists are expected to do all that they reasonably can to protect other road users. If a driver fails to take basic precautions and causes a crash, they could be held liable in a personal injury suit. When representing a motor vehicle accident victim, an experienced personal injury attorney may scrutinize police reports for indications of negligence.

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