The importance of timely cat bite treatment

California residents or anyone else who has been bitten by a cat should be seen by a medical professional. This is because roughly 50 percent of cat bites can be infected, which can lead to serious negative health consequences. In addition to a skin infection, it is also possible for the bone to become infected if the wound is deep enough. Sepsis can also take place, and extreme measures may need to be taken to prevent it from spreading.

A cat bite may need to be treated with antibiotics, and it is also possible that surgery or amputation will be needed to treat an infection. The reason why cat bites can be so dangerous is that the anaerobic bacteria in the animal's mouth thrive in low oxygen environments. The tissue in which a cat generally bites into is such an environment, and the cat's tooth is as sharp as a needle.

Therefore, it inserts the bacteria almost directly into a bite victim's body. Those who are bitten by a cat could also be at risk for contracting rabies, which is treated with a series of shots. Anyone who is bitten should take steps to clean the wound with water and soap before seeking further treatment. If they are trained as kittens, cats may be conditioned not to bite humans or other animals.

Cat or other animal bites may result in serious injuries that could leave a person disfigured or otherwise unable to live a normal life. Individuals may receive compensation for their injuries from the animal's owner or handler. Compensation may help pay for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings. An attorney may gather evidence in a case to establish that negligence occurred and potentially determine who was liable for the bite.

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