Root Insurance: distractions a blind spot for many drivers

Distractions are a blind spot for many drivers in California. The problem is a nationwide one, and a new study from Root Insurance has shed some light on it. Of those surveyed, 47% said they make distractions a top concern when driving, and 99% placed phones among the top three distractions. Yet respondents themselves would use their phones behind the wheel, spending an average of 13 minutes a day on them.

Moreover, respondents tended to be critical of distracted driving when others engage in it. 89% said they would give a bad rating to an Uber or Lyft driver if he or she was texting while driving. 90% considered their driving better than that of Uber/Lyft drivers.

The presence of law enforcement does not dissuade 38% of respondents from using their mobile devices. Besides phone use, respondents admitted to unsafe activities behind the wheel like shaving, putting on makeup, playing with a pet and changing clothes. 29% even claimed to drive with no hands, using their knees, chin or another body part to steer.

Root Insurance is a company that provides discounts to drivers who avoid phone use. It believes that incentives, as opposed to fear tactics, can effectively reduce distracted driving. Its Focused Driving Discount provides 10% additional discounts for insurance quotes.

Car accidents caused by distracted driving can be severe, leaving victims to deal with injuries that require long-term care. However, individuals who are hurt may be reimbursed for their medical bills, pain and suffering and other losses if they file a personal injury claim. A lawyer's case evaluation may determine if they are eligible for compensation and how much. An attorney may hire investigators to strengthen the case as well as negotiate for a settlement out of court.

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