Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot feature may be flawed

California motorists may be interested in a new safety report pertaining to Tesla's automated driving features. According to testers with Consumer Reports, Tesla's updated Navigate on Autopilot feature has serious issues. A test on Model 3 showed that the semi-autonomous Autopilot feature made several mistakes. For example, the system made illegal passes and cut off approaching automobiles.

The study indicates that human drivers perform better at changing lanes than the Navigate on Autopilot feature. Plus, the Autopilot feature was responsible for other possible risks. For instance, it often failed to leave enough room between cars. The feature is not fully capable of self-direction because drivers must get involved in order to prevent possible collisions. The Autopilot feature has already failed to prevent three fatal car collisions.

According to researchers, the Navigate on Autopilot feature also performs poorly at merging into traffic on a busy freeway. Testers noted that the system frequently initiated sudden stops for no apparent reason. In response, a Tesla official stated that the report was flawed. The spokesperson said that the Autopilot feature has already been used for millions of miles by Tesla drivers without experiencing any problems.

No matter how sophisticated a car's safety features may be, the driver is still responsible for maintaining control and exercising a certain duty of care while on the road. A driver who fails at this may be considered negligent. The victim of a car accident caused by a negligent driver or malfunctioning vehicle may want to partner with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer could help the client file a claim to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other accident-related damages.

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