What teens should know about driving hazards

There will be about 3.6 million teens graduating from high school in the late spring and early summer of 2019. This means that there could soon be millions of California teenagers driving to and from parties and other graduation events. Parents are encouraged to talk to their sons and daughters about the hazards of driving while distracted or under the influence of drugs. Teens should also be warned about the dangers of driving while drowsy.

While a teenager might not be doing drugs or drinking alcohol themselves, they could be riding in a vehicle operated by someone who is. It's also important that young people understand how to avoid being a distraction while in the role of passenger. Ideally, they will refrain from doing anything that takes the driver's focus off of the road. Furthermore, they should assume the responsibility of answering calls or providing directions.

This allows a driver to avoid looking down at a dashboard or while reaching for a phone. Passengers can also help a driver determine if he or she is too tired to drive. In just a few seconds, a vehicle can travel the length of a football field. When a driver is tired, he or she could actually fall asleep for up to five seconds at a time. This could pose a serious danger on the road.

With help from a lawyer, someone who has been hurt in an auto crash may receive compensation for their injuries. This might happen if another party was negligent for the accident occurring. The negligent party could be both a person or a company. For instance, someone who ran a red light would likely be negligent for causing a crash. However, if a driver ran a light because the vehicle's brakes failed, the brake manufacturer may be liable instead.

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