The Future of Drones and PI Cases

Determining fault in car accident cases is difficult, but drones may make it easier for victims to claim compensation.

Car accident cases are extremely complex, with several steps involved. One of the first things a personal injury lawyer will do when working on a case is conduct a thorough investigation to determine which party was at fault for the crash. During the investigation, they will also collect evidence that proves the victim’s case and allows them to recover damages for their injuries. Determining fault is one of the most challenging parts of any personal injury case, and now drones may help by providing a clearer picture of the accident scene.

How Can Drones Prove Fault?

Many factors contribute to car accidents. A driver may have been negligent by ignoring road signs, or poor road conditions could have led to a crash. One of the most complex aspects of determining what caused an accident is the fact that no one but the parties involved were actually at the scene. Drones can help accident victims overcome that obstacle.

Personal injury lawyers can now use drones to fly above the area of the accident and provide a better understanding of the scene. For example, if a sign was posted prohibiting drivers from turning left at a certain time of the day, but the driver turned in that direction anyway, that proves a traffic violation. In this case, the turning driver may be found negligent per se because they broke the law. Or, a drone may take pictures of poor road conditions, which could indicate the victim must hold the local government liable for their injuries.

Drones and Accident Reconstruction Specialists

Drones are not only useful when helping depict the accident scene, but they are also helpful to accident reconstruction specialists. Personal injury lawyers often work with these professionals to recreate the accident scene and determine how crashes happened.

Accident reconstruction specialists will use pictures taken at the accident scene, computer technology, and drone footage to determine how accidents happened. Using this evidence, accident victims can then claim the full amount of compensation they need.

Determining how the accident happened does not only help prove which party was at fault, but also that the accident victim did not contribute to the crash. Negligent drivers will often try to claim that the injured party was at fault so they can pay less in compensation. Drone footage can clearly show that the accident victim was not in any way at fault for the accident so they can receive a fair settlement.

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