Why Personal Injury Attorneys are Helpful

A personal injury lawyer can help you recover compensation for your medical bills and lost income by negotiating for a better settlement from the insurance companies or filing a personal injury lawsuit.

You have probably seen advertisements for personal injury law firms on TV or on roadside billboards, but you may not have thought in much detail about what they do. They tend to advertise huge settlements and judgments paid to people who are living with permanent disabilities as a result of car accidents. This is actually only a small part of what personal injury lawyers do. The Murrieta personal injury lawyers at Gibbs & Fuerst can help you even if your injuries resulted from something other than a car accident and even if you have recovered physically but are still struggling with medical bills you cannot afford.

Personal Injury Lawyers Do More Than Just Sue People

If you think that being a plaintiff in a lawsuit is stressful and expensive, you are right, but the good news is that personal injury attorneys can often get injured people the money they need without filing a lawsuit, and if you do have to file a lawsuit, the good news is that you can often get the defendant to agree to pay you the money you need without your case going to trial. In fact, the sooner after an accident you contact a personal injury lawyer, the faster your lawyer can get you the money you are requesting.

If your insurance company sends you a settlement offer after a car accident, you should not sign it until you have shown it to a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate with the insurance company and get you a settlement that covers the entire amount of your medical bills and vehicle damage. If you contact a lawyer right after the accident and have your lawyer give a recorded statement to the insurance company, you might get a sufficient settlement offer even sooner; insurance companies try to get people to contradict themselves and undermine their credibility, and your lawyer knows what to say and what not to say.

Not All Personal Injury Cases are About Car Accidents

Personal injury lawyers can help you no matter what kind of accident caused your injuries. These are some examples of non-traffic accidents for which people consult personal injury lawyers:

The procedures vary slightly depending on the kind of accident, but your lawyer’s basic task is the same: showing that the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries and collecting damages to cover your medical expenses and lost income.

Contact the Murrieta Personal Injury Lawyers at Gibbs & Fuerst

A Murrieta personal injury lawyer can help you recover damages if you have been injured in almost any kind of preventable accident. Contact Gibbs & Fuerst LLP in Murrieta, California to discuss your case.