Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are among the most common kinds of severe injuries that can result from a motor vehicle accident.

Motorcycle accidents are among the most obvious examples of how fragile the human body is. You might be able to bench press an impressive amount of weight at the gym or juggle two jobs and all your family responsibilities, but you are little match for fast-moving steel machines and hard pavement. The chances of a motorcyclist getting injured in a motor vehicle collision are greater than for occupants of cars; there is no such thing as a motorcycle fender bender. These are some of the most common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents. If you have suffered any of these injuries in a motorcycle accident, contact a Murrietamotorcycle accident lawyer.

Bone Fractures

A high percentage of motorcycle accidents involve the rider being thrown from the bike and onto the road. It is possible to break almost any bone in your body in a motorcycle accident, but some of the most common sites of bone fractures in motorcycle accidents are the arms, legs, and pelvis.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

California law requires motorcyclists to wear helmets, but even with a helmet, the risk of suffering a head injury in a motorcycle accident is substantial. A concussion or more serioustraumatic brain injury can occur when you are thrown from your motorcycle, although a helmet can mean the difference between a concussion, on the one hand, and death or permanent disability on the other. Symptoms of concussions and TBI include chronic headaches, sensitivity to light, mood changes, difficulty concentrating, and memory impairment. In the case of TBI, the symptoms can last for years.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries do not just affect the back; they affect the entire body below the site of the injury. In mild cases, spinal cord injuries can cause chronic pain, numbness, and weakness in affected areas of the body. In more severe cases, they can cause paralysis and loss of bladder and bowel control. Although recent medical advances have improved the prognosis for spinal cord injuries, they remain debilitating and require extensive treatment.

Other Kinds of Motorcycle Injuries

Bone fractures, TBI, and spinal cord injuries are only the scariest kinds of injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents. You can also get lots of other kinds of injuries which are likewise painful and for which the treatment is costly. Other types of injuries that can result from motorcycle crashes include road rash (skin injuries resulting from the body making contact with the pavement), whiplash injury, facial injuries, and injuries to internal organs.

Contact a Murrieta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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