Should I Document Photos of My Accident?

To make your car accident claim more effective, you should take photographs at the scene of the accident to document vehicle damage, hazardous road conditions, and even the police report.

You probably know the things you should not do immediately after a car accident. Don’t panic. Don’t leave the scene of the accident because you could get criminal charges for hit-and-run. Don’t say anything to the other driver that indicates that you are admitting fault for the accident. As for what you should do in the moments following an accident, you should use your phone to call for help for anyone who was injured, and then use it to take pictures that you can use in your car accident claim with the insurance company or, if the accident was especially severe, in a car accident lawsuit. When you are driving, your phone is an enemy because of all the distractions it causes, but after you have been in a collision, your cell phone is your best friend. A picture is worth a thousand words, but in car accidents that involve serious injuries, pictures alone are not enough to get the money you need; you also need a Murrietacar accident lawyer.

How to Take Effective Photos at the Scene of a Car Accident

The only situation in which you should start snappingphotos immediately after the accident is if the driver who caused the accident is fleeing the scene; you or a passenger in your car should try to photograph the vehicle while it is still nearby, preferably when it is close enough that you can read the license plate number. Other than that, there are other matters to attend to before you start taking pictures. First, you should ask if anyone is injured, and if they are, you should call 911 to send an ambulance. If possible, you should then get your car out of the roadway by pulling onto the road shoulder or into a parking lot.

The most useful photographs will show the damage to the exterior and interior of your vehicle from various angles. If other road hazards are present such as adverse weather conditions or debris in the road, take photographs of the scene of the accident that show these hazards. Taking pictures of your injuries can help, but it is best to have your injuries evaluated by a doctor, even if the injuries appear minor.

A Copy Machine in Your Pocket

In the old days, car accident lawyers used to advise you to write down the other driver’s insurance information. Now, you can just photograph their insurance card with your cell phone. You can even photograph the police report, so you can read it to the insurance company even before the police send you an official copy in the mail.

Contact a Murrieta Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident lawyer can help you make the photos you took at the scene of an accident tell a compelling story. Contact Gibbs & Fuerst LLP in Murrieta, California to set up a consultation about your car accident case.