What to Do if the Person Who Hit You Does Not Have a Valid Driver’s License?

Being involved in a car accident is always stressful but it becomes even more frustrating when the negligent driver does not have a license. Our Murrieta car accident lawyer explains what to do.

As in all states throughout the country, California law requires all motorists to carry a valid driver’s license. Unfortunately, not everyone complies with the law, and people who drive without a proper license are more likely to cause a collision on the road. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, unlicensed drivers are nearly three times more likely to cause a fatal accident than licensed drivers. The aftermath of any accident is stressful but learning that the driver who hit you does not have a license is even more frustrating. Below, our experienced Murrieta car accident lawyer outlines what to do in this scenario.

Who is Most Likely to Drive Without a Valid License?

While anyone can break the law and drive without a valid license, some groups are more likely to do so than others. These include:

Obtaining Compensation After an Unlicensed Driver Hits You

Many times, when someone does not care enough to comply with the law and they drive with an invalid driver’s license, they also do not care to purchase the legally required minimum amounts of auto insurance. Even when an unlicensed driver did carry the proper insurance, their insurer may not cover them because they were driving illegally. Fortunately, you still have options in these situations.

If you have purchased uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you can file a claim with your own insurance company to recover compensation. You are not required to purchase uninsured motorist coverage, but your insurance company is required to offer it to you. It is generally recommended that all drivers purchase this insurance, as it is useful in many different situations. Uninsured motorist insurance can provide coverage after you are hit by an unlicensed driver, an uninsured driver, or even a motorist who leaves the scene of the accident.

If you do not have uninsured motorist coverage, and the unlicensed driver does not have proper insurance either, you can take them to small claims court to recover the compensation you need. A car accident lawyer can value your claim and help you through the process.

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