Most Dangerous Roads in Murrieta and Surrounding Areas

Any road can become dangerous when used by negligent drivers, but some roads are more dangerous than others.

It is no secret that in every city and town, certain areas simply seem more prone to accidents than others. Whether drivers are simply more likely to act negligently in these accident hot spots, or collisions are caused by poor road design in these areas, it is critical to know which areas are considered the most dangerous. Then, when driving through these locations, you can remain more alert and cautious. Below, our Murrieta car accident lawyer outlines the most dangerous roads in the city and the surrounding areas.

What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Murrieta?

Both the I-15 and the I-215 run through Murrieta and they are both major highways. As such, it is not surprising that these are some of the most dangerous roads in the city. State Route 79, which provides much of the eastern border of the city, is also one of the most dangerous roads in the area. Interstate 215 is particularly dangerous, and people have even been known to be involved in fatal accidents while still on the ramp.

What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Temecula?

A recent study outlined a total of 25 accident hot spots in Temecula, clearly making it a dangerous city for motorists. The top ten intersections that were deemed to be the most dangerous in Temecula are as follows:

By looking at the above most dangerous intersections, the most dangerous roads in Temecula are Route 15, Winchester Road, and Temecula Parkway.

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