Do I Need an Attorney if I Have Only Minor Injuries After an Accident?

The traffic has been unbearable of late, and, to make matters worse, now you are involved in a fender bender because another driver failed to signal and swiped your vehicle while making a lane change. After inspecting the damage and exchanging information, do you really need to call the police or get an attorney?

Legal Requirements

Under California law, the requirements following your involvement in any traffic accident are as follows:

Playing it Smart

If the accident seems minor, it is best not to assume additional issues will not arise later. Who knows whether you will experience severe headaches in the morning or discover a back injury later today that was disguised by the adrenaline rush at the time of the collision? It is always a good idea to file a police report, especially if the other driver is at fault. That way, there will be less haggling with the insurance companies about who must pick up the tab for damage to your vehicle (it can cost much more than you would expect to repair what seems like minor damage) or any injuries that arise after the fact.


One of the most common complaints following a car accident is a neck strain or sprain—or damage to the soft tissue in one’s neck. Commonly referred to as whiplash, symptoms may not appear for days after an accident. At that point, sufferers may endure a range of symptoms, including:

Seat Belt Syndrome

Another issue of concern that may not manifest with symptoms at the time of the accident is what is known as seat belt syndrome, or peritonitis. While presenting simply as mild abdominal tenderness at the time of the crash—or no symptoms at all, days later, internal injuries may require surgical intervention. How will you know you have a problem? The Mayo Clinic reports that the following symptoms could be indicative of a problem:

Your Legal Advocate in Temecula

What now? You have discovered that your “minor collision” has resulted in major medical problems after the fact, and you are so busy trying to address the physical symptoms that the last thing on your mind is following up with the other guy for damages. Now, more than ever, you need a legal advocate in your court. The Temecula Personal Injury Attorneys at Gibbs & Fuerst are prepared to investigate your case and fight for the compensation you deserve. You do not have to go it alone. Schedule a free, confidential consultation today with a compassionate and effective personal injury attorney.