Why You Must Drive With Auto Insurance in CA

Driving without proper auto insurance in California has many consequences for drivers who choose not to comply with the law.

Like all states, California law requires all drivers to carry certain amounts of auto insurance. The purpose of auto insurance is to make sure that drivers can recover compensation when they are in an accident and sustain injuries. The auto insurance law is known as the financial responsibility law, which essentially means a policy proves that drivers can cover any damages or injuries they cause other drivers to incur. Failing to comply with the minimum auto insurance requirements has significant consequences for drivers.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

Most drivers in California choose to show financial responsibility by purchasing an auto insurance policy. Under the law, drivers must carry the following amounts of insurance:

Although most people show financial responsibility by carrying the above minimum amounts of insurance, there are other ways drivers can establish this. Other options include:

California motorists must provide proof of insurance when they are pulled over or in an accident. A failure to have proof of insurance can result in fines, and a driver could be held personally liable for paying damages after a crash.

Other Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Available

While liability insurance is required by law in California, there are additional types of coverage that can also protect drivers. These are as follows:

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