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When a business engages in unfair, fraudulent or deceptive activity, they gain an advantage that others in the marketplace do not have. That is bad for other businesses and it is bad for consumers.

At Gibbs & Fuerst, LLP, we understand the business environment in Southern California. Our attorneys believe strongly in protecting the rights and reputations of companies that serve our area. If you run a company and you believe a competitive is operating unlawfully, we can help you pursue a claim. The same is true if you are a consumer who believes a business is engaged in fraud. Likewise, we recognize that not all of these claims are meritorious, so we defend companies who are accused of unfair practices.

To discuss your business fraud or unfair competition concerns with an experienced California business lawyer, call Gibbs & Fuerst, LLP, at 951-816-3435 (Murrieta office) or 619-702-3505 (San Diego office). You can also contact our law firm online.

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Our business clients are well aware of the damaging effects that false advertising, misrepresentation and other tactics can have on consumers and other vendors. Some businesses, however, do not realize that it is not only the consumer who can pursue legal action fraud. Both state and federal law allow a business harmed by the unlawful acts of another business to pursue a remedy.

Our Riverside unfair competition lawyers handle these issues on behalf of small-and medium- sized businesses in San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. We pursue statutory claims, such as those under:

  • The federal Lanham Act (false advertising issues)
  • The California Business and Professions Code
  • The California Consumers Legal Remedies Act
  • Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)
  • State versions of RICO

In addition, we pursue and defend a variety of common law claims, including:

  • Fraud
  • Defamation
  • Bait and switch
  • Misrepresentation of products, services or prices
  • Warranty disputes

Whatever the claim, you can rely on us for cost-effective representation designed to meet the needs of you and your company. We negotiate for practical solutions that lessen your exposure to litigation. If, however, negotiations are unproductive, we will strongly assert your rights in court.

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