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California law requires employers to pay overtime and minimum wage to their employees and provide regular meal breaks. If your employer has not paid you the money you are owed, you need a strong and experienced attorney to help you bring a claim against your employer.

The Murrieta wage and hour claims attorneys at Gibbs & Fuerst, LLP, have extensive experience helping clients bring claims against their employers. Having represented defendants and plaintiffs in these cases, our lawyers know the tactics the other side will use in court. This knowledge gives us an advantage in preparing your case and fighting for the money you rightfully deserve.

Don't fear retaliation from your employer for exercising your rights. Employers cannot retaliate against you or fire you for suing them for money they owe you. You can arrange a free consultation with our firm by calling 951-816-3435 for our Murrieta office or 619-702-3505 for our San Diego office. You can also contact us online.

Wage and Hours Laws in California

Understanding and applying wage and hour laws in California can be a daunting task. It takes an experienced attorney to interpret the laws correctly and make a solid case for:

  • Unpaid overtime or underpaid overtime
  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Employee misclassification
  • Worker classification issues
  • Improper pay deductions
  • "Off-the-clock" time
  • Expense reimbursement

Meal and Rest Breaks

California law requires employers to provide workers with a set amount of time for eating meals and taking other breaks. If an employer expects you to work through your breaks, he or she is violating the law.

  • All hourly employees ("non-exempt" employees) must receive a 30-minute uninterrupted meal break for each five-hour period of time worked
  • All hourly employees must be allowed a 10-minute break every four hours

Basically, this means that full time workers who put in an eight-hour day must be given at least one half-hour meal break and two other shorter breaks.

If your employer has not paid you what you are owed or have not given you the breaks that you are entitled to under the law, you have a right to bring a lawsuit. We can help you bring a claim against your employer and we will fight to protect you and your co-workers from your employer's illegal actions.

Class Actions/Collective Actions

If your employer has violated the rights of many of its employees, we can help bring a class action. A class action (known as a collective action in employment law) allows workers with similar legal problems to bring one claim against their employer. This can save individual plaintiffs the expense and time of handling their own complex litigation.

Not all law firms are capable of handling a class action. Our attorneys have experience handling wage and hour class actions. We know how to certify the class, notify potential plaintiffs and secure compensation for our clients.

Helping Clients in the Health Care Industry

Employees in the health care industry are frequently the targets of wage and hour abuse laws because they are often overworked and underpaid. If you are a nurse, certified nursing assistant (SNA), registered dietician, X-ray technician, psychiatrist, physical therapist or other hourly worker in the medical field, we can help you pursue any underpaid wage, unpaid overtime or meal break pay from your employer. We know that your job requires substantial dedication to the needs of your patients but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be paid for all of the hours you work and at the pay rate you deserve.

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We offer free consultations and we handle wage and hour law cases on a contingency basis, which means you pay no legal fees unless we obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf.