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When car accidents happen, the injuries you suffer can be severe. In the majority of cases, the reckless actions of others on the road are ultimately to blame. At Gibbs & Fuerst, LLP., we help you hold those at fault accountable. Our Temecula car accident lawyers have over 75 years of combined experience representing injured victims throughout our area. We are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you need to recover in a claim.

Aggressive Legal Representation from Our Murrieta and Temecula Car Accident Lawyers

With Interstate 15 and other major highways running directly through our area, car accidents in Temecula are a regular occurrence. According to statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), more than 500 crashes and collisions happen in Temecula each year.

At Gibbs & Fuerst, LLP., we provide the aggressive legal representation victims need in these cases. While you focus on recovering from your injuries, our Murrieta and Temecula car accident lawyers focus on getting you the compensation you deserve in a claim. Common types of crashes in cases we handle include:

  • Rear-end accidents, which often occur due to tailgating and speeding.
  • Side-swipe accidents, which are often a result of improper passing on busy roads such as State Route 79 and Temecula Parkway.
  • Side-impact crashes, otherwise known as T-bone crashes, these are common at intersections as a result of red-light running or disregarding stop signs.
  • Head-on collisions, which are among the most dangerous types of car accidents and tend to happen on one-way streets in Temecula and at interstate exits or entrances. Driving distracted or under the influence are often to blame.

Compensation You May be Entitled to for Car Accident Injuries

Even a relatively minor crash or collision can leave you suffering serious impacts, affecting your health and well-being for years into the future. Common types of injuries suffered by clients in cases our Temecula car accident lawyers represent include:

  • Soft tissue injuries, such as muscle and tendon sprains, strains, and tears;
  • Broken bones and dislocated joints;
  • Severe burns and lacerations;
  • Whiplash, herniated discs, and other back or neck injuries;
  • Head injuries, including concussion and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries, resulting in temporary or permanent paralysis.

When car accident injuries impact you or a loved one, our legal team at Gibbs & Fuerst, LLP., holds those at fault accountable. We aggressively negotiate with insurers on your behalf, helping you get the maximum amount in a settlement.

If insurance is not available or an agreeable settlement cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to take your case to court. Damages you may be entitled to under the California Code include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and the pain and suffering your car accident caused.

Who is at Fault for a Car Accident in Murrieta?

Determining who is at fault after a crash is a complex issue. In legal terms, you must determine which driver was negligent, or careless. Once it has been established which driver was negligent, accident victims can then file a claim with their insurance company for financial compensation. Negligence can take many forms, including speeding, texting while driving, following too closely, and running a red light. To prove negligence, you must show:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The defendant breached that duty by acting negligently
  • The direct link between the negligent act and the accident
  • You sustained injuries as a result

It is difficult to prove the above elements while you are trying to recover from serious injuries. Our Murrieta car accident lawyers know how to prove these claims so you obtain the fair settlement you deserve.

What Happens if Multiple Drivers are at Fault?

There are times when multiple drivers are to blame for a crash. For example, one driver may be speeding down the road and hit a stopped vehicle from behind. If it is later found that the driver who was struck had stopped suddenly to reach for their phone, they would likely be found partly at fault. The driver who was hit may be found 30% at fault for the accident while the other driver is found to be 70% at fault for the accident.

Accident victims who are partly at fault for a crash are still entitled to recover damages, but they are reduced by the same percentage of fault. In the above example, the driver who was hit could still claim damages, but they would be reduced by 30%. This is known as comparative fault. California follows a pure comparative fault system. This means even if accident victims are 99% to blame for the accident, they can still claim damages from the other party, as long as the other driver was partly to blame.

How Long Does a Car Accident Case Take?

The length of time a car accident case will take depends on many factors. A complex case can take up to two years before it is settled, or a verdict is given in court. However, most cases settle in approximately one year. A settlement occurs after the two sides negotiate the amount accident victims receive. If a case goes to trial, it will take much longer.

In order to claim any damages, you must file your case within two years of the date of the accident. This is known as the statute of limitations. Although there are some exceptions to the law, it is quite strict. If you do not file your claim within that time, you will likely lose your right to claim any damages at all. It is also important to note that your case does not have to be resolved within two years. You only must file your claim with the insurance company, or file a lawsuit with the appropriate court, within that time.

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