2 high school students hit by car in crosswalk

Two teenagers were hit by a car near their high school in California on Oct. 16. The two female high school students were walking in a crosswalk when a car driven by a reportedly distracted driver hit them. Both girls suffered serious injuries.

California Highway Patrol says the driver of the car, a 26-year-old woman, was looking at her car's center console when she hit the pedestrians. Officers do not believe that either drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident. They say that although the driver may not have been using a cellphone, she was not paying attention while driving in the school zone. They do not know how fast she was driving at the time of the accident. The speed limit in a school zone when children are present is 25 mph.

One of the girls who was hit by the car suffered a lacerated kidney, and she was reported to be in critical condition. Her mother told reporters that her daughter was in a coma. The accident will be investigated, and then police will determine if charges are to be filed.

If the investigation into a car accident were to uncover evidence that the driver of the car was negligent, the injured pedestrians or their families could bring a civil complaint against the driver. A personal injury claim could reimburse the injured victim and help pay the costs of medical bills. It could also potentially cover lost wages and compensate a victim for their pain and suffering. Someone who has been injured in an accident could contact an attorney for to learn about his or her legal rights as well as the possible ways to proceed.

Source: KernGoldenEmpire.com, "Two students hit by car, one in coma", October 16, 2014

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